Missoula Breakdance

Having a blast testing a new camera with the very talented Trevor Pressler.

Mighty Mike

What does it take to be a "little person"? Mike Murga is one of the toughest, most resilient people I know. And his life is a dream.

Sexy Cat

Musicians are often referred to as “cats”. One thing I hate about most cats is that they just don’t obey. They work with you on their own time and in their own way. They are uber independent. They could be straying out all night doing God knows what then show up out of nowhere ready to play at exactly the worst moment. And, when they do finally appear, they can be just fucking brilliant. This is enough to make a filmmaker want to swallow a razor blade.

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Crazy Smurf

I approached Brent with my ideas for a film that included an artsy tracking shot of him in an environment and finding a location for smashing a car beyond all recognition. He was as calm and placid as a totem pole. Beyond the faint wisp of a smile, the smoldering coals packed deeply behind his eyes burned with quiet anticipation. In the Hilltop Diner, with a photomural of Mt. Shuksan framing him from behind, as if laying down a royal flush, he said: “You came to the right guy.”

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Interview withe the "Crazy Smurf" Brent Shetler. Find out what motivates a demolition derby diver to smash himself and his vehicles into oblivion.

The Optimist

What I didn’t realize when I set out to shoot Joyce was that I would be forced into happiness. There is literally no way to tell Joyce’s story without creating an uplifting piece. She simply will not allow for negative drama or angst to be a part of her experience. 

My 20-something-year-old assistants and I showed up early with gear, lists, schedule etc. And we forgot the coffee. Ouch. That was a big enough problem for me to want to push a pin through my eyeball. Shooting is often referred to as “problem solving.” Joyce’s perspective is, “There are no problems, only challenges.”

And yes, we got the coffee. (Joyce demanded it.)

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