one shot says it all

I love Montana. I love adventure. I love challenge. Having drained all resources from my shredded photographic self, including physical, psychic, and financial, I had nothing left to lose. 

At least this was how I was thinking after weeks of tortured and failed attempts at capturing big sky country in rare visual form. 

So, when my number one contact, Cowboy Dave, offered me snuff tobacco I didn’t hesitate. 

My god, the first pinch burned my sinus as if I were inhaling a hot coal. But keep it up and the pain gives way to a lasting and deeply seated aroma of tobacco delicately balanced with bergamot, spearmint, or toast followed by a snotty blow into a shirt sleeve that allows for another delightful pinch. Ah-h-h, the good clean Montana air filtered through nostrils packed with high nicotine snuff. 

It is this single image of Cowboy Dave that is the one and only great shot from the weeks of turmoil. And this image, for me, is worth every drop of blood it took to get it.

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