purchased first medium format camera

You know you're getting serious when you purchase your first medium format camera!

I scoured hundreds of printed and online advertisements and listings for cameras before I finally caved and went all in on Pentax 67.

I beat the absolute hell out of that behemoth. It traveled across abandoned mining roads in a Jeep with a four-inch lift dozens of times. I’m pretty sure I even dropped it. That camera is built like a tank and shoots nothing but film. No Polaroid. (Or “Fujiroid.”)

When I go back to those images I see the most perfect imperfect pictures I’ve taken.

modeled and acted in tv commercials

I left New York for sunny Los Angeles to model and act, though I soon became more interested in what was happening behind the camera than in front of it.

After a while I realized that what really got me about theatre, movies, and characters were the images. And that realization happened in the best place possible, LA.

I was doing mostly TV commercials and modeling. I think I annoyed more than one director by asking about the camera, lights, lenses, etc. And worst of all I always wanted to stick my nose in the images. BTW, actors and models out there, I’m happy to show you the pics, but watch out on other sets, it’s not you’re job!

began acting and developing artistic vision

While at NYU, I performed in a group theatre experimental workshop directed by Richard Schechner.

The first day of the workshop, Richard said, “Everyone here will get an A+, if you do two things: Show up on time every single day and be present during the entire time of the workshop.” Sounds easy, right?

He also said, “If you fail to do either, you fail.” This was by far the hardest class I ever took. 

Once I realized that what and how much I learned was dependent on me and my life experience at the time, I became liberated and in control of my education. Before Schechner’s intense workshop, it always seemed the other way around.

The experience helped develop my artistic vision and inspired my approach to photography.

first photography class

Inspired by the sights and sounds of New York City, I enrolled in "Photography I" with Editha Messina at NYU.

Written on the board the very first day of class was this: “Photo = Light. Graph = The collection of all points whose coordinates satisfy a given relation”.

This is so simple and direct. And it applies to any camera, any technology, motion or still. As a photographer I am literally graphing light. Going forward, the applications are endless.