showdown at pappy & harriet's

Spaghetti westerns and U2 album covers fueled my love for the California desert.

When I discovered Joshua Tree and the 29 Palms area I was standing in for Bill Murray during the making of a movie poster. Something about a Jamaican bobsled team. I was in love with the Martian-like landscape immediately. I already had images of the area burned into my heart and brainpan by Anton Corbijn’s black and white images from U2’s album “The Joshua Tree”. 

Joshua Tree is the one place where I feel connected to a higher power. Every time I visit something happens that is inexplicably spiritual. Even the burn areas that have been swept by fire leaving smoking matchsticks in the sand or the cracked salt flats blasted by wind and sun seem to calm me down.

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awards: "sukiyaki western"

"Sukiyaki Western" has been the winningest series of my career, culminating in a solo show at Haus Gallery in Pasadena.

Other honors for this series included: 

  • 2009 Third Place, The Art of Photography Show (San Diego, CA)
  • 2009 Nominated, Photography Master's Cup International Color Awards (London)
  • 2008 Finalist, Photolucida (Portland, OR)

Shooting this was also just a blast. I was so lucky to find dedicated and talented actors and a phenomenal makeup artist. Also, I got the horses from a retired LA police officer living in Pioneer Town for next to nothing.

We got to stay in the coolest “cowboy” motel ever and were treated to a free New Years Eve potluck party at Pappy and Harriet’s Roadhouse put on by the locals. I could never have done this without the kindness and generosity of others.

and then i met kat

Kat was the dominatrix next door. She introduced herself in a polite manner and offered to sound proof the walls. 

Curiosity did not kill this cat. What I did do was turn this into a creative photo project. 

Shortly after I captured Kat at Factory Place, I decided to include these characters in my work. For the laundromat image I reinvented the idea of a dominatrix by placing her into an everyday scenario. I found models, rented the plastic and leather from Warner Brothers, and found a willing laundromat.

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in print

Since opening my LA studio in 2005, I've had work published in numerous art books and magazines including Bicycling, Stern, CMYK Magazine, UCLA Magazine, Gotham and Un Chin.

thought matters

Concept is where it all starts and ends. 

When I really want to reach an audience with images that spark an emotional or intellectual reaction, I have to combine the things I love with a well thought out concept.

Using the right locations, models, equipment, and so on, I can produce that concept. I'm able to capture that image that speaks my message specifically to my intended viewers.

I feel that this is what all commercials, fine art, and media are meant to do: communicate clearly and concisely.

As a conceptual artist, thought always matters.

opened studio in downtown LA

Walter Lockwood Photography opened for business at Factory Place in 2005. 

Factory Place is a breeding ground for LA artists. They just seem to seep through the cement.

This was an old paper factory that like so many other poured concrete industrial buildings has been converted to lofts. I’m sure that after World War III this structure will survive.

The space, diversity of people, and downtown location were ideal for my studio. Think of a huge college dorm. But instead of 20-somethings, it’s infested with hip, working, creative professionals. Yep, perfect.

one night at phillipe's

Since “Pulp” I’ve eaten about 500 French Dip Sandwiches. 

Here’s a concept: Photography is fun. Especially if you’re paying homage to a film you love by a film maker who is brilliantly re-interpreting films that he loves. There can be only one Tarantino, but many, many versions of “Pulp.”

When you’re jazzed about a fun project getting actors involved isn’t too difficult. They want to create work as much as you do. Locations, however, in LA can be a nightmare. Which is why I was blown away when I walked into Philippe’s “The Home of the French Dip Sandwich” and was immediately granted permission to shoot.

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stock photography

Before opening my own studio in Downtown LA, I began my career shooting for Workbook Stock and Corbis.

You’ve got to cut your teeth somewhere and my teeth got cut nice and sharp. Right out of Art Center I started with a boutique agency named Workbook Stock.

Workbook was gobbled up by Jupiter, and Jupiter was gobbled up by Getty. So I have also worked with Getty.

Collaborating with Corbis got me beyond funding my own material and into produced and paid for shoots. In part, I got into shape by stepping onto the image making treadmill that was stock photography.