got tooth?

Raising her upper lip in a toothy smile, she pointed out a jewel fixed permanently to one of her upper front incisors.

She informed me that she uses teeth in her work because of a recent accident she had flying over the handlebars of a bicycle and eating a curbside sandwich. 

I always want to work with the most talented people I can find. So naturally, I approached Julia about styling a photo shoot in studio. I had a few ideas, but none of them were really our ideas. And I wanted Julia’s creative machine and styling experience in my photographs. So the spit balling began. Obviously, I loved what Julia did with her Oral project. Ultimately we landed on another of Julia’s creations; perfume. Julia’s perspective is that perfume is “a work of ephemeral sculpture”. Hmmmm… perfume as sculpture… how to turn that one into a two dimensional image?

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