walter lockwood. photographer. thinker.

Walter Lockwood creates images that express stories and personalities. Cameras and lighting are the tools that put form to thought.

Walter Lockwood thrives on creating images that express stories and personalities. Using influences from travel, art, film, architecture, relationships and the beauty and wonder of the natural world, he uses cameras and lighting as tools to put form to thought and experience. Concepts are central to Walter’s process whether he is taking a simple portrait, humorous sketch, or sophisticated art piece. Without photography he would live life fully by making new friends with amazing people and seeking out remote and fantastic backdrops. Equipped with a camera his life experience becomes creative expression in tangible form.

Balancing beer, BBQ, work, and late nights with fitness, family, and sleep are also central to Walter’s approach. Wish him luck. When in Portland the micro brews tend to take over. If not in the city, you can also find him in the middle of a desert hiking and climbing or in a rustic cabin in the mountains frying a freshly caught fish. Always and forever creating pictures, he finds ways to enrich his work with his life and his life with his work.

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